Sunset property management and realty is the San Diego property management professional to help people manage their rental properties, residents, and maintenance of other construction investments.
About 45% of San Diego residents are renters and there is a huge need for property management in the city.
Our experts understand the needs of rental property owners in order to serve them with top-notch services. When talking about San Diego property management companies, many companies couldn’t able to stand their promises.
However, Sunset property management is one of the best local firms for rental property management in San Diego that ensure to fulfill all the promises of our clients. No matter what type of property you’ve owned or invested in, managing properties such as apartments, multi-family residents, etc is our expertise.
Apartment Building & Multi-Family Property Management:
For Apartment buildings with 2 units or more, the monthly Management Fee will cost you around 4%-6% and a one-time Tenant Placement Fee of $450.
Multiple-family property management requires an experienced and skilled management company to handle all the related issues and daily needs of a multi-family property.
Sunset is one of the well-known property management company in San Diego that hired top experts with years of experience. Our customized property management program is designed to fit your needs. Our experts will start by listening to your needs, and then explain how we will deliver on those requirements.
Residential Property Management for Houses:
For Homes, you can expect to pay a monthly Property Management Fee of 6%-8% and a one-time Tenant Placement Fee of $450.
Sunset is also known for the Rental property management in San Diego for houses. Our residential property management comes with reliable services and competitive costs. So, if you’re seeking affordable management service for your real estate, sunset will not charge you initial fees or any kind of hidden fees.
There is also no charge for vacant property or lease renewals. Thus, our property management is provided at the fairest prices for all clients.
Maintenance and General Construction Services:
General Construction services are supervised by General Contractors in our local San Diego office. It includes Drywall, Painting, Plumbing, Electrical, Bath and Kitchen Remodels, Flooring, Rent Ready Renovations, and More.
Our property maintenance and repairs for your property stay active 24 hours or less turnaround time. Our experts are licensed general contractors who supervise all local contractors doing work for us, so as to manage just about any kind of maintenance or repairs required.
No matter what your property needs are, Sunset can serve you with the best quality rental property management of your house.
We have been serving a very broad area in the San Diego region. So, if you are within the city borders, you can let us handle your so for you. So, Contact us today and get a free quote.
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