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6 Benefits Of Signal Boosters:


1. No More Dropped Calls.

According to the Pew Research Center, 88% of Americans own cell phones and 72% of these individuals experience dropped calls from time to time. In turn, 32% of this population grapples with dropped calls multiple times per week. Therefore, if you're dealing with dropped calls, you're not alone. Say goodbye to spotty coverage today with a cell phone signal booster.

2. Simple to Install & Maintain.

You can install a signal booster yourself by connecting provided antennas in your kit to the signal booster unit (also known as a signal "amplifier"). The process is simple, and there's little maintenance required.

3. Longer Battery Life.

Stronger cell phone signals need less power to send and receive data. If you’re in an area with poor coverage and wonder why your battery is draining so quickly, consider investing in a signal booster. With an amplifier kit in your building or vehicle, your phone can stop working overtime by continuously searching for a signal until satiated, and consequently, you can enjoy a longer battery life.

4. Stronger Signal, Clearer Calls.

Our booster kits can amplify strong signals outside the building or traces of an existing signal if you're in a remote area or on the road, and rebroadcast them to you. Modern signal boosters feature no noise or distortion to speak of.

5. Affordable and No Recurring Fee

One-time purchase, no recurring fee, AT Hiboost, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all products. They work with all US and Canadian carriers and you’re not necessarily change your carriers. Check out our best home cell phone signal boosters to improve signal in your home.

6. Enhanced Safety.

The most important reason to invest in a cellular signal booster? Safety. The FCC states that signal boosters can enhance public safety by allowing consumers to call 911 in areas where cellular or wireless signals would otherwise be disruptive. With weak outside signal amplified manyfold and broadcasted inside, enjoy better connectivity in comfort of your home or car, than potentially weaker connectivity right outside.

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